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Sep 17, 2023

30 Practical And Affordable Things From Walmart

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Trusty jeans, a hair mask, and a dish set — oh my.

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Promising review: "I never write reviews, but — these deserve it! I honestly didn't have high expectations for the quality since they are so affordable, but wow! These aren't cheap by any means. The plastic is thick and rigid and came perfectly intact with no scratches or breaks — bravo, Walmart! Although these are designed for the bathroom, they are a perfect height for utility carts and craft supplies as well! Highly recommend it! I'm ordering a second set now!" —Kelly

Price: $24.98 for a 10-piece set

The set includes one slotted turner, one short turner, one basting spoon, one Euro peeler, one can opener, one pair of tongs, one pizza cutter, one wing corkscrew, three magnetic clips, one pair of shears, one spoon rest, one pie server, one whisk, one silicone spatula, one crock utensil holder, five measuring spoons, four measuring cups, one wood spoon, and one slotted spoon.

Promising review: "I gave this beautiful kitchen utensil set to my son for his new home, and he loves it. It has all of the kitchen gadgets that you need for cooking, measuring, peeling, opening cans, and more. It came with a very nice ceramic utensil caddy to keep everything in one place. This is truly outstanding and is a kitchen charm!" —Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Price: $29.97 for a 28-piece set

This dinnerware set includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four bowls, and four mugs.

Promising review: "Love these dishes! Nice weight to them, and I like the neutral color." —Kelly

Price: $39.92+ (available in three colors)

Promising review: "This is a wonderful storage ottoman. Great size, lightweight, comes fully assembled, great storage, covered hinges to protect fingers from getting pinched, easy to wipe clean. Goes with any decor." —MomOf1SonInFL

Price: $44.98 (originally $69; available in three colors)

Promising review: "These file boxes are wonderful to keep things separate. I have five file drawers that are full and hard to get to. I bought three of these to keep everything handy so I could easily keep up with my filing. They are easy to get to, and I've been able to avoid the clutter of mail, etc., on my desk." —Linda

Price: $13.60

Promising review: "It is not unstable; it stays firm and upright when empty. Perfect size for under the bed, closet, RV, garage, or anywhere you see necessary. It will hold a good amount of items, and it will keep everything in place. Has two handles on the ends for easily moving around as well. Clear window for easy view of the items you have stored, and the zipper is easy to open and close. I especially like the divider inserts. You can easily remove the dividers if you want to make more space for bigger items in the organizers. Stay organized with this set; it's perfect." —Erika

Price: $22.99

Promising review: "I am seriously impressed with these under-the-shelf wire baskets. I was concerned that the box was damaged when it was delivered, but the baskets were just fine. They are really well-made. I was worried that when I put them in my pantry and I actually put stuff in the basket, the back of the basket would sag, but they didn't do that at all. Very pleased about that! Also, the black baskets look great on my white shelves." —Leslie

Price: $28 for four

Promising review: "This is a great vacuum for small areas. I don't have to pull out my large vacuum for my area rugs. It's so lightweight and small for floors that don't need to have a mop and broom for everyday usage. I love it." —Walmart customer

Price: $24.88 (originally $28.88)

Promising review: "Very easy to put together and very sturdy! Smaller than expected, but that turned out to be a good thing! I bought two of these and love them! Thanks!!" —Francine

Price: $39 (available in five colors)

Promising review: "I normally have a hard time assembling anything, even WITH the instructions. This bookshelf was so easy to put together, and I managed to assemble BOTH of the cases I purchased in no time at all. I'll most likely be ordering more of these as gifts for my family and friends." —Jimmy

Price: $49.88 (available in two colors)

Promising review: "Best shoe rack I have found. It doesn't sag, it's clean, looks nice, well functioning. I've been looking for something to organize our shoes at the front door. This went on the outside of the hall closet. I may add another for my bedroom closet. You can see all the shoes; they aren't jammed in a little cubby or a stuffy box. Holds a ton!" —Junebug75757

Price: $24.97

Promising review: "I really believe this mask helps define curls and reduce frizz and tangles. A little bit goes a long way, so this product should last a long time!" Walmart customer

Price: $4.99+ (available in two sizes)

Promising review: "My daughter has long, tangled hair, and we have a hard time getting all the tangles without too much pain. Her hair also has a lot of breakage from brushing. This brush has made brushing nearly pain free and only a few pieces of hair are left in the brush. She says it's the best $11 we've ever spent!" —Momof2

Price: $11.52

Promising review: "I love Mr. Coffee makers. Coffee comes out nice and hot. It looks sharp. Doesn't take up a lot of space. My favorite feature is it beeps when the coffee is ready!!!" —Jenna

Price: $42.41

Promising review: "For the past few years, I've been obsessed with Dunkin' cold brews and was spending a ton of money going every day until my husband found this! I have zero complaints about this product. It's perfect! I do 8 tablespoons with 40 ounces of water and let sit for 24 hours or more. Some grounds can sneak through, so I filter the coffee into my carafe. I use light cream, and this tastes exactly like I went to Dunkin'!" —Jessica

Price: $14.78+ (available in two colors)

Promising review: "The product itself looks big in the picture, but once it's in your hands, it's not that big (which is a good thing to put in your freezer). It produces just about a Tervis cup-full, maybe a little bit more. You can get away with chilling two full loads of coffee, though, so about two and a half cups full. It's easy to clean and fun just to look at the design and think about how it works. I would definitely purchase this if you like cooled coffee. If you're unsure if you will like the product, just buy it; it's very cheap for what it is." —Wesley

Price: $24.99 (originally $29.99)

Promising review: "Love the thickness, the size, and the softness. The SOFTNESS! Like a cloud. It's my very favorite blanket and at such a low price. The only problem is that when I finally get to bed, the dogs have already claimed it! I'm getting another one!!" —Dorsey

Price: $14.88+ (available in three sizes and five colors/patterns)

Promising review: "This pillow is a great quality product! I haven't had such a good night's rest in a long time. Out-of-this-world comfort. Throw away all those five dollar pillows, and buy this one; you will see the difference from the first night. The neck pain I had is miraculously gone! Today, I feel strong and full of energy! I will buy more of this fantastic product! Thank you, Walmart!" —Guaresneider

Price: $25+ (available in three sizes)

Promising review: "These sheets feel sooo good. They stay on the bed like a fitted sheet is supposed to. I have a 1-inch mattress topper, and it still fits. I've bought four sets for the house. Thinking about buying some for Christmas presents for the kids and their wives." —Genia

Price: $19.19+ (available in sizes twin–California king and 33 colors)

Promising review: "I purchased these because they were simple, plastic, and a set of three. I feared they would look or be made cheaply, but that's definitely not the case. Shipping took longer than expected, but that's the only downfall." —Rayven

Price: $14.97 for three (also available individually)

Promising review: "I've only used this twice so far, but it's better than most. I like that it has the hold container, and it's pretty easy to chop. I had to cut the onion in two or three separate pieces in order for it to chop but so much better than doing it manually." —Jill

Price: $24.84 (originally $37.96)

Promising review: "Love it! Tired of lugging an enormous reusable bottle from home (well water) to work because I don't like the taste of city water. I would stretch my jug to last all day. I bought the Brita so that I can just refill from the tap. Tastes great, and no more lugging!" —Elizabeth

Price: $28

Promising review: "This jacket is fantastic! The color, cut, fit all perfect!" —Jojo

Price: $27.98 (available in sizes S–3XL and in green)

Promising review: "The price for the quantity and quality is great! They are working really well for what I wanted them for and are a lot cuter and more well made than I expected." —Nicole

Price: $30.86

Price: $30 (available in sizes XS–3XL and four colors)

Promising review: "I love these baskets so much that I managed to reorder more than I need! But I'll find uses for them. The baskets are large and deep and hold quite a lot." —Walmart Customer

Price: $23.97

Promising review: "It works. Use on every surface after every shower. Your shower will be immaculate. No soap scum, no hard water-even on the shower curtain." —CBAR65

Price: $13.94

Promising review: "LOVE this dress. Add to cart. Fits true to size. Perfect for fall wedding guest dress, family photos, or a fun date night. Side slits are minimal." —SimplyC

Price: $39 (available in sizes XS–3XL and two colors)

Promising review: "When my college-aged son told me he wanted an air fryer, I hesitated. Ours at home always burned food on the outside and left it cold in the middle. However, I picked him up this Beautiful Air Fryer and I am so glad that I did. It cooked our chicken perfectly and was simple to clean. This is how an air fryer is supposed to work!! I love it so much that I just ordered another one for home!" —Laurie

Price: $69 (originally $89, available in seven colors)

Price: $26.98 (available in sizes 0–18)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.